Work of the CEO-search committee begins, and what happens in the meantime

The search committee to find a new CEO for the new, statewide Colorado AIDS Project is up and running. The committee is comprised of:

  • Christy Bush, Chair (NCAP)
  • Jeff Basinger, Regional Director (NCAP)
  • Mike Guthrie (WestCAP)
  • Mary Beth Luedtke, Regional Director (WestCAP)
  • Bill Mead (S-CAP)
  • Richard Blair, Regional Director (S-CAP)
  • Richard Corbetta (DCAP)
  • Robert George, Regional Director (DCAP)
  • Ruth Pederson, Interim CEO (CAP)

The hope is to refine the requirements and post a job description in January of 2012, with the goal of having a new CEO on board by July 2012.  The new CEO will undoubtedly need some time to learn the ropes. Then he or she will hire a chief financial officer. The likely next hire will be a permanent chief development officer, then ultimately a chief program officer.

The four regional directors – Jeff Basinger of NCAP, Richard Blair of S-CAP, Mary Beth Luedtke of WestCAP, and Robert George of what is now DenverCAP – will ultimately report to that chief program officer. Until then, they – along with interim chief development officer Tim Schuetz – will report to the CEO. I will continue to occupy that CEO spot as an interim until the new CEO is hired next summer.


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