Parking this great blog experiment to get on with our work

Publishing this MergingCAPs blog has been a fascinating experiment. Since it was imagined and published only a few short months ago, the leaderships of the new, statewide Colorado AIDS Project really believes it has done what we imagined. That is to invite our staffs, boards, high-level volunteers, donors, friends, and other supporters into a frank conversation about why the merger of four of Colorado’s regional ASOs is exactly the right thing at the right time.  We wanted to be candid, straightforward and transparent about the merger, what it means, and why it matters. And we think we’ve achieved that.

Now, we’re made the determination that it’s time to move this blog into park. We’re not taking it down entirely – we’re keeping it live for a while, because there’s some great stuff on here. We think it will remain a fantastic reference for the merger for quite some time.

And we are certainly not stopping the conversation about how the merger prepares us to engage the ever-evolving HIV/AIDS epidemic in Colorado. In fact, that conversation has just started. Which brings me to the point of this post. Now, as our mission instructs us, we’ve got work to do, work that is as urgent as ever.  It’s time for us to get on with serving those living with and at risk of HIV/AIDS in our state.

Thank you to all of this blog’s readers for your attention and expressions of support during this important organizational change. It has only increased our confidence that we’ve made the right move.

All our best. -Ruth


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